The combination of fast-paced cardio with the martial arts techniques used in the group fitness class is known as cardio boxing. The elite athlete, as well as the beginner, is supposed to accept the challenges of this high-energy workout. This fun-filled activity helps in building the lean muscle, burning calories, improving the flexibility and coordination by building the stamina.

What is meant by Cardio Kickboxing?

This is a training session based on the knee strikes to fast-paced music, kicks, movements of punches etc. the various forms of punches are combined in cardio kickboxing i.e. uppercuts, hooks, crosses, and jabs. The movements of the lower body are comprised of back kicks, side kicks, roundhouse kicks, front kicks, and knee strikes etc. the static and dynamic stretching with the cooldown and warm up are incorporated through the classes. You will find another major type that is particularly for basic movements i.e. planking and crunches.

Whether in the studio or gym, the cardio kickboxing training runs for half an hour to 60 minutes. It is a noncontact workout despite the name. The kicks and punches are thrown onto the pads and into the air. You can easily burn the more than 300 calories in an hour by depending upon this high-energy workout. In the severe condition of cardiovascular health, the elevated heart rate moves into the intense zone. In short, your heart gets the positive effects just because of it.

Who does it?

People who look for physical workouts to improve heart health, stamina and to burn calories for weight reduction can find cardio kickboxing a good fitness choice. The new movements and fast pace in the single session of this class can let them forget stair steppers and treadmills. There is no need for any prior boxing experience to learn the kickboxing. It is suggested to advise the beginners to give ample time to learn in the initial training sessions. Whenever you need, listen to the body and take the water breaks at least once an hour.

If you’re having trouble keeping up, then it is normal to become frustrated with no doubt. This doesn’t mean that you give up. The best way is to keep moving for enjoying the pros of this physical activity even if you find it hard to follow the movements by the trainer. You can improve with the patience and practice.

How to do?

Search for the martial arts studio on your place to learn the cardio kickboxing. Remember that it is also being offered by numerous gyms nowadays. Keep in mind to follow these points in the very first session.

Search the spot near your back in the middle

You are supposed to visit the class a bit earlier for completion of any required paperwork.

A small towel with water bottles is must-have things in your bag.

The athletic shoes and workout clothing that you wear must be comfortable. Make your mind to learn the activity without wearing the sneakers too.