The comparison between lifting weights and lifting items for moving out of your house is inevitable since both activities involved lifting items that challenge your limits. Lifting items in need of getting moved out of the house and into the trailer you rented sounds more like a chore and not some endeavor you get into for working your biceps.

Not that it is a bad thing. Then again you realize why the gym buffs find it a lot easier to handle the lifting part. Just replace the dumbbells with boxes that may or may not weight as much and you feel even the triceps getting worked out as well! Note, this is obviously not a muscle building blueprint, but heck… Have some fun will ya! Working for a local moving company has taught me a lot, hope you can benefit from it!

So let’s jump right on it, what are biceps and triceps? The biceps are the slabs of muscle that contract like how bodybuilders do it as their fists are pointed their way. Triceps are the slabs of muscle found just behind the bone that held the biceps. In other words, as long as you know which parts of your arms are front and back, you can locate your biceps and triceps well.

Does the move out date substitute day at the gym?

Yes. This is not a cheat day for you. The kind of weights that you don’t get to lift at the gym are compensated for the most part by the boxes you end up lifting on your scheduled move out date. Maybe even more. Getting that bed dismantled for better packing does not make it any lighter. You can leave the dollies to moving staff in charge of the really heavy items and put your weight training to use once you need to carry some boxes out of the house.

The downside though is that repetitions don’t occur. Dumbbells and kettlebells help with the weight training because it becomes a routine done in half a minute at least once a day for a month. Lifting boxes and furniture only occur for one day.

Sometimes it comes across as a challenge because unlike the dumbbells and the kettlebells, you can only second-guess how many pounds or kilograms each piece of furniture or box of valuables packed. And items packed in boxes don’t weigh the same as boxes are often designed to fit items based on the space it can provide. This will give you an idea that carrying the heavier boxes will be more convenient for the family in case all you chose to get from some Escondido moving company is some boxes for your household items.

Will it affect the move out date in case you ended up having difficulty with lifting stuff? Yes because it will reveal if ever you had any weight training program or if you even did that weight training program right. Otherwise, lifting even pieces of furniture will be a walk in the park for you. And when we say weight training program done right, it means that you did not skip leg day. It would be awkward if all you ever lifted were dumbbells and kettlebells but never got on any fitness equipment necessary for leg day.

Better yet, ask the men helping you move out stuff which gym are they enrolled in. They might even give you tips on the right way to do weight training.