Truth be told. Many people get to the gym and randomly jump from one set of exercises and weights to the other. Yes, you already know what you want to achieve but the problem is everything seems to be catching our eye. It’s not uncommon for people to complain how impossible it seems for them to get and stay fit. With fitness journal, keeping track of and staying with your fitness routine becomes easier as you can be mindful and pay attention to the choices you’re making every other day.

It’s not enough to just have fitness goals. You must have a real plan on how you’ll get from point A to point B. Journaling your exercises and workout routine means you can plan ahead, look back and see your progress, and clearly determine what you’re going to work on today. Not convinced? Here are top reasons why it’s time you kept a fitness journal.

Better Guidance

There’s a good chance you’ve walked into the gym several times without a clear plan in mind on what you’re going to do. Perhaps there are times you didn’t complete your exercise program efficiently. Having your fitness program and exercises written out ahead of time provides you with better guidance as you’re able to be honest with yourself. You’re able to understand why you’re not achieving your fitness goals, make adjustments, and push yourself towards making progress.

Improve Exercise Adherence

You’re already aware of the fact that people don’t just develop new habits overnight. No one has ever turned a new behavior into a habit without discipline and perseverance. Journaling helps you to keep track of your fitness program thereby developing a routine around exercise. Just as the sight of a fitness journal in your bag or phone you feel prompted to get to the gym. Who doesn’t love seeing how they’ve been consistent in working towards their fitness and health goals?

Increase Motivation and Accountability

As mentioned, it’s not uncommon to find yourself in your fitness center without a specific exercise or workout in mind. Besides providing guidance and improving exercise adherence, a fitness journal will ensure you stay motivated and accountable at all times. The simple act of putting down a plan will get you on the go. Be sure to write down the specific exercise you perform, how you felt including your mood, and how you intend to do it next time. Also note any factors you think might have affected your workout.

Quantify Progress towards your Fitness Goals

Do you trust your memory to remember every exercise you performed during your last workout? Do you think you can keep track of the progress you’re making without putting it down? Well, the truth is, it can be hard to quantify the progress you’re making without measuring anything. How will you tell whether or not you’ve lost pounds when you’re not even weighing yourself? A fitness journal allows you to quantify the progress you’re making towards your health and fitness goals.