Having a clean home goes a long way in ensuring that your health is not compromised. Ideally, you should do light cleaning in your home every day and more concentrated and serious cleaning weekly. This would prevent germs and bacteria from taking root in your house and keep you healthy. However, not everyone is free to handle cleaning activities such as this. If you are one of them, it is nothing to be ashamed of; you can always employ the services of professional cleaners to take care of your home. If you stay in or near Chula Vista, CA, maid service Chula Vista is a trusted and local company you can employ. If you are very much capable of handling your cleaning yourself, here are some things you should do weekly to keep bacteria away.

  • Change the sheets: The bacteria, oil and dirt on your sheets can attach itself to your skin and give add to your acne and dandruff problems. This is one of the reasons people that are predominantly exposed to acne are advised to change their sheets and pillow case very frequently. Washing your sheets at least one a week or a minimum of every two weeks would go a long way in keeping your sleeping space bacteria free.
  • Wash the bathroom and WC: The bathroom and WC are the chief hosts of bacteria in a home. These bacteria can cause a lot of health issues that you can easily prevent by disinfecting and washing your toilet and bathroom at least once a week. If you have shower curtains, you should also wash them.
  • Disinfect the sinks: This includes both the kitchen and toilet sinks. It doesn’t matter if they appear like they are clean and don’t need any washing, you should still wash it at least once a week. Bacteria from kitchen sinks can easily contaminate food and even cause food poisoning. To be on the safe side, you might as well clean your kitchen sinks every day.
  • Vacuum rugs and wash floors: In a home, the floor is one of the places most susceptible to bacteria. Different people bring different germs from outside and step on your floors and rugs. It is advisable to vacuum your floors properly to get rid of the dust and germs. As for the toilet and kitchen floors, they are also to be washed weekly.
  • Wash and change towels: Most people default in this regard but a towel; especially a damp one can act as a host for bacteria and can cause different things, including dandruff. Washing bath towels every week is necessary. Hand and kitchen towels that come in contact with food items should also be washed.

Cleaning your home regularly, getting rid of dust, dirt, and food crumbs (especially if you have little children) would go a long way in ensuring that you and your family are protected from bacteria at home. Same implies for commercial cleaning services when looking to employ a professional for these weekly chores, you can state them before-hand so that anyone assigned to you would know what you want and meet your needs.